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The role model of 2 billionaire friends

Gepubliceerd op 14 juli 2020 om 12:17


It is not an achievement to die with billions. This sir is quite extreme but gets that.

The middle path, taste opposites and balance out extremes.

We can thank him for being a role model for some billionaires.

A person like that i would give a free place to live. With too much food in the fridge i would also ask nothing of him.

I call some people, God's people. Angels on earth, i give free food to monks, free...certainly also to people like him.

Glad that there was a person that ****inspired Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

The giving pledge... --------“Any money that people give to good causes—as long as it’s well-managed—is worthwhile.”

Among those inspired by Feeney’s generosity were Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, who cite him as inspiration for the Giving Pledge. Said Gates, “Chuck’s longstanding commitment to Giving While Living has been a guidepost for Melinda and me. Chuck has been a beacon to us for many years; he was living the Giving Pledge long before we launched it.”

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