Lighter, USB electronic recharge metal finger ring phone holder, Bestseller!

€ 19,95 € 17,95

An incredible invention. Multifunctional Once more a phone holder which also turns into a lighter! Really impressive when we first had owned. 1) A lighter that does not require refills, you just have to just recharge! 2) Do not suffer from wind, the heat element glows! 3) Secure, the glowing element turns off automatically after a while, even if you keep it pushed. Instructions: Keep it pushed, lights wait until the blue light of the lighter, the heater will also glow. Do it slowly, not too fast, wait until it glows else do it slowly again. Once successful, release and closing by itself !! We were self impressed and very nice gift for yourself or someone else! Shipping: 3-5 days We guarantee the product, you can always contact us for questions concerning the product even though it is very easy and convenient to use. Tel .: 0646426074 Fast data style: electronic material: name brand: VIBOO model number: UL-39 Weight: 50g Streams: 1A Voltage: 5V Charging time: 2 hours