Beautiful handmade incense effect Buddha

€ 30,95 € 24,95

What you see here are wonderful Quan Yin Buddha's. Rare and handmade, 14.5 * 13 * 23.5cm I am a collector Buddha and this unique, rare (and the holy) Quan Yin Buddha is especially lovely with the incense burner option. You see if you burn incense which gives it a strange and beautiful effect. Here is carefully considered. A must have for any collector Buddha. The picture feels pretty solid in the hand and you notice right that is of good quality. Quan Yin and the male Siddhartha Buddha's hand go for a lot of money away, I currently there are only about 10 of them and can go for a small price of 25 euros (which includes shipping). Google also Quan Yin and doing research about her story and legend, really impressive. A very popular Buddha in Asia but relatively unknown in the West. I have more of the Quan Yin Buddha in pslag the Siddhartha Buddha, be quick because gone =! The Buddha statue is heavy * / goewe quality and the ability to make an incense stick in it which adds to the atmosphere. * The Buddha is handmade. : 14.5 * 13 * 23.5cm Shipping: 3-5 days