Bluetooth speaker ufo

€ 250,00 € 175,00

This is a must have gadget to have. The rotating UFO night light is Once more a Bluetooth speaker that can connect to the phone. The rotating UFO really floats through a magnetic field. The lamp, which also changes color Once more. It is one of the best speakers in the world where you will driven impress friends and acquaintances. Promo video: click here Instructions: Put the loose UFO very light in the middle of the round lamp / landing's platform. One can even make a game with the family whose UFO weaving in one time can put in the middle of the lamp. This calls for a little practice. Grarantie 1 year This is a unique product! Shipping: 3-5 days It is possible to order this product as the stock is in the Netherlands. Shipping is 7-10 days