360 stick to the wall phone holder washable pad for smarthones

€ 45,00

Product Description 360 Degree Stick on the wall Anti Slip Pad Washable Cell Phone Holder for Smartphones Watch a promo video here: https://youtu.be/uhuUqke8VIc Honest reviews, tips and instructions: https://youtu.be/fg8W6t9Z9wg sticker- Holder does not require any glue or nails, use as long as a light rejection. It can be placed on the wall, even if the uneven wall is no problem. And full of flexibility, there is amazing suction. Card-holder is not afraid to UV and high temperature exposure. Even when the temperature reaches 100 ° C, there is no case of melting or deformation. Gel pad nano technology, convenient and fun. Can the craziest things stick out! Pens, scissors, phones, ipad, small tools, etc. Materials: Nano rubber Color: Black Product size: 15x3 cm & 13.5x5.5 cm Gross / Net Weight: 62g / 57g (23g + 34g) Packing Unit 2 pcs included a plastic package. Shipping: 3-5 days