MORE SALES? -* AI Conversion and Social Proof Software * as Seen on Vriendentotvrienden

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AI Conversion and Social Proof Software as Seen on Vriendentotvrienden

1. Boost Conversions
on Autopilot

2. Increase Your Conversions by 30% to 400% by Adding Real-Time Social Proof, Scarcity, Urgency, and Credibility to Your Website.

3. Add AI Pop up intelligence to your website, whatsapp - Robo whatsapp contact possibilities

Here are some of the proven notification types that drive customer actions.

1. Live Visitor Counter

Show a live number of visitors to your website. It helps in building the trust and credibility of your website.

2. Recent Conversions popup

Show the number of people signing up for your service. You can also show the conversion count in specific time durations.

3. Recent sales popups

Show sales data along with the buyer’s name and product details. You can show this notification on the cart page to make visitors take action faster.

4. Embed Reviews on Website

Over 92% of people read reviews before buying a product. Show reviews from real people on a product page to increase sales.

5. Urgency Call To Action widgets

Limited stock notifications help in creating urgency. Show livestock details along with live notifications and convert more customers.

Different notification types work differently under different scenarios.

+ Many More 

With this purchase we help you to setup the AI conversion and social proof software as seen on our website Vriendentotvrienden. 

It is a one time Setup! One Fee! Compare this to monthly AI conversion popup programs!


Compare here:

What you Get:
- Free Software that does all the above and costs you 0 euro/ dollars montly 
- Guidance if you want on how to use the software through e.g. zoom, facebook live 
- I can set some AI conversion - social proof setups on your sites for you if you want then i explain how to do it yourself if necessary.