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25-12-20 Linking our Health to a Higher purpose


Analysis of my own health till now the age of 43
Global Health Crisis,
How come some people never quite get sick, every one gets sick once in a while but for some it as if they relatively never get sick.
As for myself i have been rarely sick... how come? Is it achievable for ordinairy people?
1) One of My heroes is Bob Proctor , he is aged 86 and still teaches globally on the laws of attraction and more.
Hint: Aaron Abke (another one to follow) in the group of people who also teach about enlightenment etc also takes good care of his body. Our body is the Temple of the Universe ***
What does this say? People who think they have a larger than life mission/ responsibility tend to be less prone to diseases.
If you don't believe this, study his philosophy and mindset and in my eyes it is no accident that he teaches at 86, it is amazing.
2) Yes dna of our family can play a role, i am Asian but that is still no guarantee, it is discipline and the willingness to test yourself . I was fan of Bruce Lee, martial arts when i was young in my twenties and i spend quite some time training at home or in the gym.
3) Food, I like vegetables and the Asian food i get usually contain vegetables. The springrolls i sell, i personally eat them too every week and they contain good vegetables and little meat
4) My belief : I believe in God and my healing capacity. Like Bob Proctor i feel that my health comes from God, and i am supported by something higher than myself.
5) I work a lot outside, healthy in the open air. I own a food truck business. Again mindset, i think me working outside increases my immune system .
During the Corona time, was it an accident that our foodtruck kind of business remained open while many shops had to close?
The open air is good for ones health, this is supported by science.
6) The job, work that we do....when i graduated and worked in offices i sat a lot. Luckily that changed but sitting behind the desk too much better switch it with movement during the day.
I am against non exercise and just sitting for work in the longterm.
7) I love nature, yoga breathing... if i were to bet my money on whose health is better.
Between regular people and people who love nature and Yoga , rich food and movement (not too heavy movement) i simply will bet on the group of Yoga people
8) Swimming, next to fitness i swam a lot . Did you know Arnold Schwarzenegger sees swimming as a part or good preperation of fitness?
I did swimming for years, you train all your muscles but not too much. I was quite good at keeping my breath in, i was usually the best or second in a group at keeping my breath under water.
9) Grand purpose. I always felt i came to this earth with a message and i will not leave early until i am satisfied with the work i have done on this globe.
We always have the choice of fear and love, i choose love as often over fear...


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