2 stories of friends who went separate ways and founded big companies

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Vardaan, along with another friend, Jon Opdyke, started a company called HookLogic.
We all stayed in touch and mentored each other as entrepreneurs and over 15 years created a friendship.

A few years ago HookLogic sold for $250 million 💵

As for Mindvalley, well, if you've been following us, you know just how big we've become.

As immigrants to the U.S and fresh new faces in New York in 2004, sitting on that IKEA couch, neither of us thought that we'd contribute half a billion dollars to the economy and become successful entrepreneurs in this new land.

And this is what I love about America.

It's a place where immigrants can come and truly thrive.

Yes, there has been a lot of anti-immigrant sentiment recently from right-wing media.

But they've missed the point.

America was built by immigrants and will continue to be built by immigrants, this is truly what, what creates American exceptionalism

A kid from Malaysia and a kid from India can move to New York together and start companies that are on their way to becoming worth billions, while creating jobs for hundreds of other Americans and immigrants coming into the country

We love you, America🇺🇸 @ Los Angeles, California

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