Secret of the Sun (Quantum 1)

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Secret of the Sun

In this solar system the Sun has the highest output.

Without the sun life is not possible, though there should be a balance

To me the Joy is in the Serving.


Naturally blessings will come to you when you Shine, serve, give from the Heart...especially when you can increase this output!

False wealth is not going beyond the getting part. As a baby, kid, the inputpart is very important but our schools often lack the insight to teach about

Consciousness and evolve it to the next level beyond the ego which is actuallyLike an input and output (like a radio) radio station.

Life is actually also not about business but more about the meaning behind it all


Family, Friends, Customers...the eternal dance and gift of

>>> You Me We (Hidden Power Trinity right in front of us) <<<

Love this, this moment, this gift , feel it and vibe like the uniqueSun that you are. Reflect on this......and shine - output your

Symphony , inner music and elevated Vibes


Secret Agent (unique signature of God, Source, the Infinite)

Quy Toan Vu (28-02-1977)

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