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Friends of our family

Gepubliceerd op 3 september 2020 om 16:05

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Friends of our family, 3 locations about 300 employees. That is why focus is important. Heard our friend has one of the biggest houses in center Rotterdam  and he started ...later than me. Awesome in such a short time. Proud of our friend and wish him the best.

I love my food business but wanted to explore other dimensions where i am a totally newbie.

Unknown, unloved, stranger. I am an explorer of different worlds so is my spirit.

A lesson about success is to find a passion and focus. though success is relative a good advise is to test different things in life, find your passion and focus.

What i can learn about is to leverage and focus. Still have i made a bad choice by exploring other business areas and interests? In my opinion no.

Life is about choices,

  • Ecommerce
  • Sofware
  • ***Kindness project that i want to scale to global level + philosophy

I could have made it even (much) bigger in the Food industry but i know i am a philosopher at heart.

I am joyful when i know people i know are succesful.

Your success is real success when you are happy with what you do and earn a decent income. Do net be fooled, just inspired.

I can easily earn more by focusing on what i already have...yet...i am a curious alien + philosopher.

Sometimes i am in a group with the least experience. When i have found a way to combine *spirituality +*philosophy + *business (do not like that word) i will go more ALL IN

People who go ALL IN because of the right reasons tend to be more succesful.

That is my tip for you for today.


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